I love Ken Burns.  Yes, yes, I admit it. So when I heard he was doing a documentary on the Roosevelts, I was thrilled.  This was very good, but I do wish there was more on Eleanor after Franklin’s death (Edith, too) as well as some of the other females in the family.   (If you are like me and interested, check out my review of The Roosevelt Women.)  So that’s my biggest critique.

Otherwise, I think this did a great job of dealing with the major issues and didn’t fall into the trap of sensationalizing FDR and the affairs issues.  I was also glad to see Alice (both of them) to minor roles.  Definitely well worth the time investment to watch! 

Now I watched this about the same time as I watched the PBS American Experience documentary, so I did get a lot of repeat, but still both are worth the time. I would say that if you want only want to watch one, watch this one as you get Franklin AND Teddy with this one (it is longer….much longer….) whereas with the other one, just Franklin obviously.  This also has more Eleanor.   I happen to really enjoy Teddy, so that is a major plus for me and also this really brings out the connections between Teddy and Franklin and the influence that Teddy has on Franklin, which I don’t think is often well explored. 

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